Price shown is per treatment site, not per combination of sites unless a package offer.
You will need 8-10 treatments spaced 1 month apart.

Treatment AreaPrice EachPre-Pay 4 Sessions
Upper Lip / Chin / Snail Tail / Feet & Toes / Underarms$35$130
Areola/Underarm/Side Burns$45$170
Hands & Fingers/Feet & Toes/Extended Chin(Some hairs on Neck)$50$185
Cheeks/Bikini/Front or Back of Neck$55$250
Full Face/Brazilian(Female Only)$70$265
Front & Back of Neck$95$365
Half Arms/Half Back$115$435
Full Arm/Half legs$145$545
Full Back & Shoulders/Chest & Stomach$155$585
Full Legs$185$705
Package - Brazilan & Underarms
Package - Half Legs, Brazilian & Underarms$195$735
Package - Full Legs, Brazilian & Underarms$225$845


Price shown is per treatment site, not per combination of sites.
You will need 2-3 treatments spaced 6-8 weeks apart.

Treatment AreaPrice EachPre-Pay 3 Sessions
Half Face / Neck / Hands$95$365
Décolletage / Shoulders$125$480
Full Face / Half Arms$135$515
Face & Neck / Lower Legs$185$705
Full Arms$195$745
Upper Back$205$795
Full Face / Neck & Décolletage / Full Legs / Stomach$275$1,035
Full Back$295$1,105


You will need 1 treatment for each area, lasting up to 12months.

Treatment AreaTreatment TimeTreatment Price
Full Face Lift3 hours$795
Neck1 hour$295
Forehead45 minutes$195
Chin30 minutes$300
Neck & Jowl2 Hours$595
Cheeks & Jowl2 Hours$595
Neck, Cheeks & Jowl2.5 Hours$695
Décolletage1.5 - 2 Hours$695 - $895
Under Arms2 - 2.5 Hours$895
Smoothing of Cellulite3 - 4.5 Hours$1,050 - $1,450
Tightening of Abdomen1.5 - 3.5 Hours$895 - $1,250
Reduction of Love Handles2 - 3 Hours$895 - $1,250


Micro-needling otherwise known as dermal needling or skin needling is one of the best and most well known treatments availble to even out pigmentation, help with fine lines and wrinkles, close open pores and even reduce the visable appearance of acne scaring. 

By creating small micro-channels in the skin, this stimualtes the bodys natural ability to repair itself, producing collagen-rich tissue. This gives a fresh, rejuvenated and more youthful looking complexion.

Treatment AreaTreatment TimeTreatment Price
Full Face & Neck2 hours$295
Full Face, Neck & Decolletage2.5 hours$349
Ad On - Hands30 minutes$50

Includes focus needling for deeper lines.

Dermalux LED Light Therapy

LED Therapy is a proven therapy to aid visibly radiant, rejuvenated and refined skin. 

It is a non-invasive treatment that utilies clinically proven low light energy to trigger your body’s own cellular recovery processes. Treating a wide range of concerns and resulting with improved production of collagen and elastin in the skin; increase hydration, calming redness and irritation and killing off the bacteria causing acne.

ServiceTreatment TimeTreatment Price
Individual Session45 minutes$65
Package – 6 Sessions
Mini Enzyme Facial with Actives1 Hour$95
Add-On to any Facial30 mins$45
LED with Customised Serum45 mins$80

Includes focus needling for deeper lines.


Just like our fingerprints, every skin is unique in its needs and so is our approach to treating it.  We offer advanced facials, where the products we use are tailored to your individual skin type to give you the best results we can both be proud of. 

FacialTreatment TimeTreatment Price
Refresh Me Facial35 minutes$65
Recharge Me Facial60 minutes$115
Nourish Me Facial90 minutes$165