Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is well-known to have numerous benefits for your overall health and well-being. It involves using different pressures, movements and techniques to manipulate muscles, tendons and ligaments throughout the body. Allowing for many beneficial properties…


By and large, massage therapy is viewed as a way to pamper yourself but due to the wide range of benefits it can also be used for specific health issues you may have. Here are some of the ways massage therapy improves physical wellness…

• Improves circulation

• Less pain and soreness

• Decreases muscle stiffness

• Quicker recovery after workouts or surgery

• Decreases joint inflammation

• Improved flexibility

• Better quality sleep

• Strengthens immune response


One of the most common reasons why people choose to get a massage is because they want to feel deeply relaxed and calm. The kind of relaxation that you get from a massage is caused by the release of endorphins and stress hormones are decreased. But this isn’t the only benefit for your mental health…

• Lowers stress levels

• Calms your mind

• Decreases anxiety

• Promotes feelings of wellbeing and connection

• Improves relaxation

• Improves mood

• Gives you more energy

Massages Available At Seven Oaks

Massages are often the go-to for some quality self-care time and for good reason! At Seven Oaks we create a relaxing environment and use high-quality products to nourish your skin, making for an overall soothing experience.


Treatment Time

Treatment Price

Pick-Me-Up Massage

30 minutes


Rejuvenating Massage

45 minutes


Stress Relieving Massage

60 minutes


Deep Relaxation Massage

90 minutes


Ready to take care of your body and relax? We are passionate about helping you and your wellbeing.


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