Micro-Needing Therapy, also known as dema-needling involves fine needles penetrating the skin, triggering the body’s natural healing that encourages an organic collagen renewal and regeneration response - resulting in stronger, clearer, healthier, firmer and younger looking skin. 

It is clinically proven that your skin continues to improve for up to 12 months after this treatment.

Micro-needling is is an affordable procedure, which allows it to be accessible for more people. The overall costs depends on the size of the area being worked on and the number of sessions needed. 

Each session is fairly short which makes it more convenient in comparison to some other treatments.


Micro-Needling Therapy is used for a number of reasons, but it is most noticeable and effective for:

  • Reducing scaring caused by acne, surgery, keloids, chicken pocks or burns
  • Fading stretch marks
  • Smoothing uneven skin tones
  • Reducing wrinkles
  • Hyperpigmentation or dark spots
  • Reducing large pores


Before the procedure you will be told about what you'll need to do in preparation. This is often things such as not applying lotions, makeup or any other products you may be using, to the treatment area on the day.

You may also need to stop taking certain medications, such as ibuprofen in advance of the procedure. 

The micro needling itself is nothing to be worried about. We will make tiny pricks to the skin using a pen-like tool with micro, sterilized needles. The pinpricks are so small that you likely won’t notice them after the procedure. It is standard practice to numb the area before starting, just so that you are comfortable. Afterward, we will also apply a special treatment to sooth the skin.

The recovery process is minimal. The treatment area may be slightly red, dry or have a bit of swelling for a few days but it is perfectly normal and nothing to be concerned about. It is advised to applying sun protection for several weeks afterwards and a gentle cleanser before bed is also optional. Makeup and lotions shouldn't be applied for a few days after, to avoid any irritation. Also it's recommended to avoid heavy exercise which makes you sweat profusely.

Taking care of your skin is our business.

We are passionate about helping you achieve long lasting results that we are both proud of.


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