At Seven Oaks, we understand how important your skin is.  It's the body's largest living organ that protects us from the harsh elements and is a barrier against germs.  In that respect it is a warrior and something that we should take care of and look after. 

Our face is the most exposed body part to the elements.  Sun, wind, temperature, free radicals & irritants all impact on the health of our skin.  That is why we have developed proven advanced facials to rejuvenate the skin, tailored to your individual skin type.


A consultation is where your skin journey begins. It enables me to choose the correct treatment for you and ensure there are no contraindications. Once we have thoroughly analysed your skin and discussed key concerns, we will be able to craft a sustainable skin management plan.

We use the Observ Skin Diagnostic Device to assess your skin.  This consultation is $100.00.  If you require retail products following the skin consultation, we will gift the consultation fee of $100 towards retail products. 

T&Cs Apply.  Contact us if you have any questions or see below to book. 

How does Observ Diagnostic work?

The Observ Diagnostic Device light rays travel through all layers of the skin, deep into the dermis, and because the cells in the human skin tissue have the natural capacity to turn these invisible rays into visible light, different cells and skin tissues in various conditions create different fluorescent illumination patterns.

Skin impairments and conditions which previously could hardly be seen by the naked eye, now clearly stand out from normal healthy skin tissue. In the 25 second period that you are under the hood of the OBSERV, the skin is photographed under five - seven different light sources for later analysis.

Blac Cosmetics

Blac Cosmetics is ethically sourced, paraben free and not tested on animals.  It is so good for your skin.  This is why we love them!  

Taking care of your skin is our business. We are passionate about helping you achieve long lasting results that we are both proud of.


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