At Seven Oaks Skin Therapy we offer the latest technology in permanent Laser Hair Removal. Take the hassle out of life with this fast, safe and virtually painless hair removal solution which can ensure you long-term results. 


The Diode Triple Plus Laser (DTPL) has been specifically designed to treat all skin types. Its unique combination of light wavelength and short release of concentrated energy is absorbed by the hair follicle long enough to destroy it without damaging the surrounding tissue.

Unlike the light used for intense pulse light (IPL) which delivers energy over a single flash causing damage and discomfort to the skin’s surface, the DTPL has an innovative head piece which cools the skin’s surface making it much safer and more effective. 


There is no downtime after your treatment, although your skin may have some slight erythema. In most causes this will last only a few minutes but could last up to 24 hours. Avoid heat or excessive sweating for at least 48 hours after the treatment. Apply SPF30+ sunscreen daily. The DTPL is faster than alternative hair removal options so you can expect to be in and out within 20-45 mins dependent on the treatment area. You will need up to 8-10 treatments determined by your skin and hair type. 


At least 4 to 6 weeks before the treatment you will need to stop waxing or epilating because the hair shaft is needed to conduct the energy inwards. On the day of the treatment or one day beforehand you will need to shave the target area, preferably with a disposable razor. Do not use razors or shaving systems that pull the hair shaft out. i.e blunt razors. We need the hair shaft intact to conduct the energy long enough to destroy the hair follicle. 


• Sunburn• Permanent make-up• Pregnancy and breastfeeding
• Raised moles, freckles or skin tags• Contraindicated implants within the treatment area • Contagious skin diseases or disorders
• Tattoos• Wounds or lesions• Depilatory creams & sprays 
• Some Medications

"I have recently started having laser hair removal for my top lip and legs with Sandi at Seven Oaks Skin Therapy.

The results have been instant!! Sandi said I would need 6-8 treatments but even after the first treatment there was minimal hair growth. I’ve had IPL in the past and in comparison I’ve found laser hair removal completely painless and the results are incredible!"


Unlike IPL, Seven Oaks Laser hair removal is virtually painless and very effective for most hair and skin types.


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